• Magnetic Copper Jewelry

    99.99% Solid Copper Bracelets,Necklaces,Anklets and Rings

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    Stainless steel with gold, black, rose gold color. Inset CZ stone and natural gems.

    -----Genuine Leather Bracelets------

    Magnetic therapy in stainless steel clasp

  • Business Overview

    The Company

    • Found in 2003, manufactured stainless steel and titanium bracelets
    • In 2012, begin the global business
    • In 2017, Set Up Brand MagEnergy

    Our Product

    • Stainless Steel Jewelry
    • TA2 titanium jewelry 
    • Tungsten and Ceramic jewelry
    • Pure copper jewelry
    • Natural Gems Jewelry


    • Neodymium magnetic therapy
    • Pure Germanium mineral
    • Tourmaline mineral
    • Negative Ions mineral
    • Far-infrared mineral
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